Tips from a Furniture Repair Shop on How to Fix Sagging Sofas


furniture-repair-shopAsk any professional furniture repair shop; even quality sofas will start to sag given enough time. This will make sitting on them uncomfortable and unsightly to look at. Instead of simply throwing it out, it is possible sometimes to repair a sagging sofa, usually with very little cost and effort. One way to fix the problem is to use plywood under the cushions. Another option; if the sagging is caused by uneven wear on the sofas pads, would be to use addition filling in the pads.

With the plywood wood method, as mentioned, remove everything, such as pillows, slips covers and throws, then remove the cushions. This should also include the back cushions if they are removable and take careful measurements of the space the plywood is to fit.

Take the dimensions to your local hardware store or lumber yard to buy a length of plywood.You can save time by asking the store if they will cut the plywood to your measurements, which means you will not have to spend more time later on doing it yourself. However, should you want to do the work yourself, buy a length of plywood which is slightly larger than you actually need, and cut the piece to size using a table saw. When you have done this put the plywood on the couch where the seat cushions will go. If the cushions are in good condition, put them back on the plywood, if possible rotate them regularly, the plywood should help to even out the wear which is on them.

If the sagging is due to uneven wear on your sofas pads, identify which pads are causing the problem. You can usually replace the foam within seating, or by adding more foam to stop it from happening. Alternatively, you can replace the pieces of foam that have worn unevenly with new ones that will be more comfortable in the long run.

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